Embryo Transfer Catheters

It is a sterile, disposable, soft and flexible Embryo Transfer Catheter designed to place embryos in the uterine cavity in the in vitro fertilization process.

Product Details

  • It is made of soft material that will not traumatize the uterine tissue.
  • The tip is rounded and designed so as not to traumatize the uterine wall. With this design, it was aimed to minimize the level of trauma and to increase the success rate to the highest level.
  • The router outer sheath can be adapted to different cervical canal anatomies thanks to its shapeable feature.
  • It provides an extraordinary image under ultrasound with the markings on it.
  • There are 10 packages of Embryo Transfer Catheters in a box.
  • Our products have been tried and tested hundreds of times by end users during the optimization process.
Ref Code Description Sheet Catheter  Catheter
Length Outer Diameter Length Outer Diameter
EMETK01 Embriyo Transfer Kateteri 23 cm 17,3cm 2,3mm 23cm 0,76mm
EMETK02 Embriyo Transfer Kateteri 23 cm / Stile 17,3cm 2,3mm 23cm 1,20mm
EMETK03 Embriyo Transfer Kateteri 24 cm 17,3cm 2,3mm 24cm 0,76mm